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At Bayside Coaches we recognise the effect that global warming is having on the earth, and are actively trying to reduce our impact on the environment. To that effect we have implemented a number of policies and procedures which you can see below.


  • We have installed a low flow shower head on our shower.
  • All our toilets are dual flush toilets.
  • We have water saver stickers to remind staff to reduce water consumption and to turn taps fully off to stop drips.
  • Water tanks collect rain water from our office and workshop roof for washing the buses.
  • Water recycling system in place for bus washing since 2003, well before water restrictions came into place.
  • Triple interceptor system and sludge pits for treatment of dirty water before going into storm water system.
  • We have been approved for bus washing by South East Water under stage 3A water restrictions.
  • We have a drought tolerant garden, which we mulch, and the only watering of our garden is done by waste water from the kitchen sink.

In the Office

  • We avoid printing emails wherever possible.
  • We buy only recycled paper or paper harvested from sustainable forestry practices.
  • We re-use paper in the office for printing or for scrap paper wherever possible.
  • All waste paper and cardboard goes to Visy for recycling.
  • Wherever practical, we turn off lights during the day.
  • We re-use printer cartridges.
  • Whenever practical we use natural ventilation rather than air conditioning or heating Buses


  • All new buses added to the fleet are Euro 5 (or above) rated. This means the engine uses high-pressure fuel injection to reduce emissions of particles and exhaust gas recirculation to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides. An oxidizing catalyst (operating in a similar manner to a catalytic converter) further reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides. This all means the exhaust gas coming from the bus is cleaner.
  • We encourage smooth and efficient driving from staff to save fuel.
  • Our vehicles are maintained and regularly serviced to ensure they run well and efficiently.
  • Buses are more efficient than cars per passenger kilometre


  • Laser light roofing to reduce reliance on electrically generated light.
  • Fully licensed for refrigerants for air conditioning.
  • All gases, refrigerants and chemicals are properly stored in designated containers.
  • All waste oil is either recycled offsite or is disposed of in the proper manner as prescribed by the EPA.

If you have a bright idea to help us even further we would love to hear from you!

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